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Success Stories


Tara's success from March to May

"I have really enjoyed my group training. It's been great fun training with my friends & motivating each other, Claire has been great at tailoring our workout to our personal requirements, especially for me & my back." 

Carolin's success from September to Jan

"Claire has been great at motivating me and creating fun & effective workouts. I've really enjoyed all my training aches & it's great to find something that really works, Claire's nutrition plan has really helped me feel more energised and satisfied. Thank you."

Sophia's success from Jan to April

"I have achieved so much with Claire, all my sessions were challenging and targeted my problem areas, I surpassed my initial goals and achieved so much more."

Carla's success from size 16 to size 8!

"I would like to thank Claire for getting me addicted to training. I train with my friends and we call our selves Claire's Angels! She has helped us achieve so much."

Claire's success from size 14 to size 8

"Claire's training sessions have been hard but rewarding, I'm strong, fit and toned. Claire is very motivational and encourages you to keep going and reach your goals. Thank you Claire for helping me achieve mine."

Tina's success in 9 months from a size 18 to size 8!

"I think it is rare to meet someone in your lifetime that can truly inspire you to become who you want to be and you are an inspiration; not just for the exercise regime but for understanding how that needs to be as individual as people themselves. You are a very special young woman thank you."

Joanne's success in 6 months from size 18 to size 12

"I have only been working with Claire for 10 weeks and have already dropped 2 dress sizes. Not only do I look better but I also feel great. Claire has worked on my posture and this has greatly helped a back problem I've had for over 15 years. I can't wait to see what I can achieve in the next 10 weeks all thanks to my little fitness guru."

Nicki's success from size 20 to size 14

"When I first started Claire's classes I had to have both knees strapped up for support, now I don't wear any supports, not even for running. My fitness has improved greatly and I can wear decent clothes and buy them from normal shops! Sessions are always hard work but also fun, exercise does become addictive though, so be warned!"

Rebbeca's success from size 14 to size 10

"I am amazed at the results I can achieve with Claire from just one session a week its fantastic thank you. The exercises are always tailored to what I need and get me the results I want, it really works!"

Ria's success in 4 weeks - 3 inches off her abdomen

"Claire's enthusiasm is contagious which keeps me going back as it is very motivating. Her nutrition advice has made a big difference to me, I thought I ate well but after seeing Claire I realised I wasn't feeding my body as well as I could and I am very grateful for the advice and help she has given me. Thanks Claire you're a star!"

Sherry's success from size 16 to size 12

"Thank you Claire for getting me back on track for a much healthier life. On your detox I lost 8lbs in just two weeks, I had so much energy and my skin looks great. I now crave the muscle ache and can't stop training"

Georgie's success through pregnancy  

"Claire is a very warm, friendly & positive person. She is a great motivator & encourages me when I feel I don't have any energy left. Her knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating is fantastic. During my pregnancy, Claire was brilliant at adapting our training to keep me safe and stay in shape, keeping my posture, aches & pains in line leading up to my due date. Thank you Claire for all your help & support & keeping your sense of humour with me!

Sarah's success for body confidence

"I trained with Claire once a week and once I was fitter I moved from her toning class to her high intensity training class which I loved. I am a Paragon girl now, I can't stop training! Thank you Claire for all you have done for me. You got me back to my old self, and gave me confidence to start a new life"

Meet my clients who would like to share their achievements with you. They have all worked really hard following my programme to change their lives, health and body shape and I am so proud of them. It is amazing to watch my client's confidence grow and see them transform into my little fitness disciples!